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My name is David Martin and I am 23 years of age. I turn 24 on November 21 st . I was born and raised in Littleton Colorado. I am the third child of four in my family. I have two older siblings and one younger than myself. My sister Elizabeth is the oldest, followed by my brother Matthew, and my brother RJ is the youngest. We are a very close family. My parents have been very active in my life and have been great influences. It is important to know that I have also always lived with my mother's mom because she help my parents raise me. When I was 11 years old, we moved from Littleton to Fairfax Virginia. I have lived in Fairfax since. My family is very supportive and active in my life. During my free time I enjoy watching football and hanging out with my best friend Ian. I have known Ian since I was 11 and he is practically part of my family. I also love to travel and I love being a youth group leader at my church.
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Unformatted text preview: When I graduated from high school I decided to attend Community College. I went to Northern Virginia Community College. I received a two year degree in general education. I wanted to further my education; therefore, I decided to attend Ellis University. Working with the youth at my church and also being a camp counselor for 10 years led to me break away from my old job. I worked for an online banking cooperation for 5 years. I was tried of the 9-5 desk job. I knew that I loved working with children, so I applied to be a pre-k teacher at a KinderCare. After only 4 months working as an assistant teacher, my director promoted me to a lead teacher. She told me that the energy I have with the children is remarkable. I love going to work everyday and teaching the children of the future! This made me realize that the energy I have educating the young makes me be very successful in this career choice....
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