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David Martin 12/08/10 Assignment 5b: Book Review Discussion The children in my setting are three years old (pre-school level). Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Author: Bill Martin Jr. Copyright Date: 1967, 1970, and renewed in 1995 Topic: Animals, Colors, and People This is a great book that allows the children to learn about animals, colors and people. When I read it in my class, it allows each child to be involved. We have felt pieces that represent each animal. It great because you can read it over and over having the children be a different animal. Using the felt pieces helps the children concentrate on the story. Book: The very Hungry Caterpillar Author: Eric Carle Copyright: 1969 and 1987 Topic: Fruits and Colors Is another great book because it helps the children learn their colors and fruits. When we read the story,
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Unformatted text preview: I tell them that these are healthy foods and ask them what fruits they eat at home. Like the situation with Brown Bear, I also have felt pieces for this story as well. My children enjoy this story as well. It great that they can learn colors and fruits from this story. Book: Goodnight Gorilla Author: Peggy Rathmann Copyright: 1994 Topic: Zoo Animals, and Bedtime This book is more of a picture book, but has few words. It helps the children lean what zoo animals are. It is also a good book about teaching children why we say goodnight and when to say goodnight. It is great when you read this book to help a child go down for nap....
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