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Paul_Nicole _assignment (3a)

Paul_Nicole _assignment (3a) - record of conversation...

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Discussions/message boards The message boards are a great way of communicating to our team members. It is set up in such a way that if one has questions or wants to put a thought down it can be done. These messages can be posted so that either specific users can view the messages or the whole group can view the messages. These messages are also mostly posted right away. These communications go through asynchronous and they are organized by threads. These threads allow for more than one attachment. These threads are part of a permanent
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Unformatted text preview: record of conversation between members and can be retrieved at any time. There are also some message boards that are available through free sites. Some of these free sites include yahoo. These message boards are a great tool in helping users communicate freely and help to make the conversations easier. They are also a great tool in training users to have open discussions in front of other users in public....
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