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David Martin 10/07/08 Article 3 “Airline removes life vests to lighten planes” 08/28/08 Air Canada regional carrier JAZZ is removing all of their life vests from all of their planes to save money on fuel and to save weight. With all life vests being stripped from all planes; regulations say it is okay to use seat cushions as their life savers. Regulation allows this because none of the planes travel over the ocean. Although; Jazz planes do fly over the Great Lakes and along the Eastern seaboard. With 880 daily flights, this airline is only saving 50 pounds per plane by taking 50 life vests off. This is the latest that the plane industry is doing to save money because of increasing fuel
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Unformatted text preview: cost. The industry doesn’t want to take a hit by having to increase their prices. I think that this stunt is going a little to far. 50 pounds is not a lot when it comes to a plane. Not even including the safety for everyone aboard. After reading this article, I feel that I would rather have the option to pay a little bit of money for a life vest rather then get stuck with a seat cushion. My only question for Canada Air would be, is 50 pounds really something you want to risk for your passengers’ safety?...
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