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United States Worksheet

United States Worksheet - TRV 111 Travel Destination...

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TRV 111 Travel Destination Worksheet 1 – The United States Complete each of the questions below: 1. How much did the Dutch pay the Indians for Manhattan island? They have purchased the Island Manhattans from the Indians for the value of 60 guilders 2. Locate information on “Gasparilla” and “Boca Grande.” Try the Florida website ( www.visitflorida.com ) or another destination site. Where are these destinations in Florida and what is there of tourist interest? Gasparilla Island or, as it is better known (for its main community), Boca Grande. Gasparilla, approximately an hour’s drive south of Sarasota, is one of a string of barrier islands scattered along southwest Florida’s coast between Tampa and Fort Myers. Bordered on the west by the Gulf of Mexico, on the north by Little Gasparilla Pass, on the east by Charlotte Harbor, and on the south by Boca Grande Pass, the island is accessible by toll bridge or boat. Boca Grande (Spanish for “big mouth”) Pass, one of Florida’s deepest natural inlets, accounts for its early history. It has the best tarpon fishing in the world. Activities are abundant on this island if you are looking for relaxation or adventure. Shelling, sunning, swimming, snorkeling, diving, volleyball, bicycling, jogging, gardening, jet skiing, parasailing and more are all popular activities here. Public beach access on the island is available at the Don Pedro Island State Park to the north of the island and offers grills, tables, a pavilion and restrooms. 3. You are asked to make some recommendations for two young (late 20s) D.C. working professional women desiring a refreshing getaway week in the spring. They want to stay in the United States, are not particularly interested in doing much, other than being outdoors, enjoying scenery, playing some tennis, hiking, bicycling, some sightseeing, etc. Their budget is substantial. I would have them make a trip to the Shenandoah Valley and go camping at Shenandoah Nation Park. There they can do lots of hiking and sightseeing. They my also want to bring their bikes so that they can ride around on the paths. 4. You have been asked about San Francisco’s weather. You might check the weather almanac in the USAToday.com website or another weather related website. Find out what month (on average) is the warmest in that city. In that month, what is the average high and low temperature (downtown)? September. Average high is 71% average low is 55%. 5. Go to the website www.towd.com . Use the state index and go to the state of Montana. In the Montana website, look in the section on Facts and read about Montana’s
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geography. Then answer the question “Why is Montana called Big Sky Country. ? A relatively recent nickname, "Big Sky Country" originated with a 1962 promotion of the Montana State Highway Department. It is a reference to the unobstructed skyline in the state that seems to overwhelm the landscape at times. The name came from a book by Alfred Bertram Guthrie Jr., Big Sky , recalled by a Highway Department employee. Mr. Guthrie gave the Highway Department permission to use the name and
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United States Worksheet - TRV 111 Travel Destination...

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