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David Martin Journal Three SDV 100 Due 3/20/08 After taking the Test Anxiety Scale; I found that I do not have test anxiety. Out of the thirteen choices I only check two. I checked, I see the test as a measure of my worth as a student; and, I blank out during the test and am unable to recall information. I fell that I don’t have test anxiety. To help with the ones I checked I need to just remember to stay calm and put forth the information and I know and not forget it. After taking the “Where Are You… At This Moment?” exercise I found that I
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Unformatted text preview: know how to be optimistic about test. I found that I also know how to use different types of strategies to ready myself for test and other school assignments. I have realized that I can always be learning different techniques for studying and test taking. After completing both of these exercises I went to the testing center and got a very helpful sheet on test taking skills. I hope to use those skills to better my test taking skills....
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