Class notes 11-30 - Exam info: nothing new Troilis &...

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Exam info: …nothing new Troilis & Criseyde: read it over the weekend and write a paper by Friday the 11 th the latest. Write about anything in Troilus & Criseyde. Topics will be suggested next class though. Four new critical notebook entries. (dinshaw [m.o.l]; burrow [w.o.b. tale]). Everything is meant to engage us with the material for critical analysis, so if you can show that in one critical notebook, do it. Its safest if you do four. Pardoner: a church man, cleric (sells “indulgences”/formal pardons to the faithful for their sins.) People sought Penance; that’s a 3 part thing consisting of: 1. Contrition: feeling bad about your sins and what you have done. (pathos) 2. Confession: the pardoner listened to various confessions. 3. Satisfaction/retribution: making a positive exchange for the negative sin you have committed. This is where, if you bought an indulgence, it would be utilized Pardoner’s tale deals with spiritual health. Tells a tale about three corrupt rioters who try and kill death, but end up killing themselves.
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Class notes 11-30 - Exam info: nothing new Troilis &...

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