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7 - his romance novel away from socio/political events but...

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First came Troilus & Criseyde, then Canterbury. 1382-86 finished by 1387. Dedicated to Ralph strode It’s a courtly romance; it engages in love sickness; love issues between major issues such as war. It’s considered a narrative poem, its not considered a novel. It’s a familiar story (shakespear did a version of it, Boccaccio did one, and a French man. ) Characters: Lollius: “the author” is a fictional, made-up name, unless we lost everything that Lollius ever wrote (unlikely). paper idea: when does Chaucer write about Lollius? First time is on pg9. Troilus: Knight, his name means “little troy,” he stood for Troy Pg 5: fortunes of troy “now up and down and up again.” He tries to distance
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Unformatted text preview: his romance novel away from socio/political events but they find ways of interceding. Criseyde: introduced on page 5, a widow in black clothes, standing behind people, seen as a star (like she is later a lodestar to Troilus later). *this is graded very fairly. *write about something WE KNOW FROM THE BEGINNING THAT TROILUS WILL BE FORSAKEN Exasperation : reader feels this. . Gratuitous: unwarrents At the end she feels guilty, the emotion he wished to excite, but only because of her infidelity. Moreover, this is a clear indication of her strict pragmatism...
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