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Film Studies: we should be up to about 200 pgs in the text… oh god. Paramount: president of Adolf Zuko Paramount studios reopens: (1928) -Walter Wanger - monte bell -close to broadway? -robert florey -Screen tests for new talent? -How much experimenting do we really want? Monte bell wrote Charley Chapman’s autobiography Both bell and Florey were collaborators with Chapman and were known for this association. Paramount studios operated in a sound-proof box on a stage in Astoria. They draped it in
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Unformatted text preview: curtains and sweated under 1,000 watt light bulbs with no air conditioning or anything that produced noise. Paramount NY studio 1929-32: Directors:-George Abbott-George Cukor-Ruuben Mamoulian Writers:-Preston Sturges Actors:-Jeanne Eagles-Claudette Colbert-Fredric March-Miriam Hopkins-Tallulah Brothers-Marx Brothers...
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