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term paper in progress - Cassavetes quote The r ise of...

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Cassavetes quote The rise of independent film, as seen in the 1940’s to present, is a movement that took place all over the world, but that progressed greatly in the New York, metropolitan area. The movement converged with other film movements over the years, namely those of experimental nature, especially various editions of Avante Garde. The basis for Independent film is that the picture be financed and produced by a company or people other than any major film studio; it is free of any contract with companies such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, RKO, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox. This may perplex some people, those whose main priority in their lives and careers is to reach financial success and profit before anything else. The intention of directors and other affiliated individuals is not entirely adverse to this notion, for the majority of people obviously expect reciprocal payment and recognition for they’re work. However, if it is at the cost of their artistic freedom or expression, their personal direction and ideals, then that is when a move towards independent film is seen. Hollywood, the original Mecca for commercial film production, is the embodiment of everything that Independent film strays away from. Glamour has always been a staple of Hollywood productions and, among other factors, projects a very unrealistic image of American styles of being and values. The presence of minds thinking in terms such as this is overtly clear in New York city, the venue for great cultural evolution and artistic expression. Among the many film directors adherent in this movement, Sidney Lumet and John Cassavetes are two of
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the most influential and mention-worthy. Their impact in Independent film’s development has been immeasurable as far as their careers show. Both of these adamant New York citizens played a key role in the independent film movement, even though their approaches and methodology varied greatly. The success of these directors and the uprising of the independent movement in general represent a significant change in American society. Hollywood production has always been regarded with high esteem, always putting on the most extravagant performances to stimulate interest and appreciation. Dating back as far as the early 1920’s, Hollywood has been the epicenter of entertainment and delight. This status greatly effected culture in both California, but more so in the United States as a whole. Hollywood did not merely represent America, it served as a “caricature of selected contemporary tendencies,” characteristics, beliefs, and stereotypes for the entire world to see (Hortense, 307). Knowing this, it is logical for studios to pride themselves on providing the finest and most well created films that they can. A misstep in progress emerges as a high regard for high cost takes effect, most notably as a result of the American capitalist principle.
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