Crib sheet - Crib sheet Why the towers fell-George Tomaro...

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Crib sheet: Why the towers fell: -George Tomaro structural engineer who spoke of Slurry walls -6 month anniversary: Monument of lights is installed for 32 days. CD to GZ: -Rick Rescorla is the corporate security head for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter who helped evacuate the Towers. - Ladder Six Captain Jay Jonas’s escape was delayed when Josephine was stuck -Brian Clark saved Stanley P after P was told to return to his desk. Cult of suicide bombers: -Hossein Fahmideh: 13 year old who blew up tank with explosives on chest. Set example of what even a young child can accomplish in martyrdom. - Ahmad Qassir: first car suicide bomber in 1982. -Norma Abi Hassan: one of first female suicide bombers from 1987 bombing. - Mosque slaughter on feb 25, 1994 by Barook Goldshtine was revenged as hamas car- bombed a teenage disco in april 6 th . -Yaha Ayyash was a mastermind of suicide bombings and the Israeli army killed him with a phone-bomb. -Mike’s place incident was staged by London suicide bombers. Uncovered: Joe Wilson’s wife’s CIA OP. position was given away after he undermined the false evidence of yellow cake that he noticed for its misspellings in french. Rumsfeld believed OIL revenue would finance cost of iraq war. Failed states that breed terrorism: Afganistan, Lebanon, Somalia Control room: - Samir Khader: Senior producer of Al Jazeera. AJ’s goal is to resp. other opin., deal with things intelli. And portray news fair and balanced. - Tarek Ayyoub was killed when the AJ office was bombed, His wife pleaded for truth. - Toppling of Saddam statue was a hoax out of propaganda. - Lt. Josh Rushing believes Iraq was being liberated. Hassan Ibrahim believes they were there to overthrow saddam, take control of oil, and take control of foreign policy. Why we fight: William Solomon – draftee due to poverty. Wilton Sekzer: a retired NYC police officer and Vietnam veteran, whose son was killed in WTC. -People of Tehran initially supported USA during 9/11 but disfavored USA once it began killing people and spending money. - Charles Lewis – history of USA shows pres.’ Always targeting foreign countries - Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski: considers connection between war on terror and in Iraq as a manufactured leap.
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- Eisenhower’s Military ar ms complex ca m e true: More corporations govern d ecisions than govern m ent. - Anh Duong: Vietna m es e bo mb builder. Terrorist: Joraleen Grant: African American girl with a h e art of gold. Tylonal Jones: A Black tough-guy who co mp etes for Grant’s attentions. Jack Levy: Jew, Guidance Counselor who has se en a lifetime of failure. He is linked implausibly to the Departm ent of Homeland Security so m ehow that co mes in handy. Beck Levy: Overweight wife who watches daytime soap operas.
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Crib sheet - Crib sheet Why the towers fell-George Tomaro...

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