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NOTES ON THE ONE PERCENT DOCTRINE: PREFACE: A summary of what the causes and effects of the 9/11 is given in which the nation’s response is interpreted and discussed based off of insightful details such as knowing there was some kind of attack to impulsively punishing the first country that may be suspect. It provides in depth, yet brief information pertaining to the functional relationship between the CIA and the FBI and compares the time the Bush Administration was in office to other presidents. It is a serious commentary on the American attitudes and rationale behind the decisions that were made during and after the 9/11 attacks CHAPTER #1: The frenzy that resulted after the 9/11 attacks in the FBI and CIA agencies was one that desperately sought out direction for placing the puzzle pieces. A company, First Data Corperation is introduced and described as being the largest processor of credit card transactions in the world. It is companies like these that the Gov’t looked to for assistance in identifying the culprits for the attacks, including the 19 hijackers. An interesting description of the relationships between Donald Rumsfeld, both president Bushes, CIA director George Tenet, Dick Cheney and other lead officials is given historically and applied to the post 9/11 situation and response. The author on page 18 interestingly compares the verbal tendencies of Osama Bin Laden to that of Dick Cheney in their deliverance and validity of statements to media. The term “War on Terror” is a product of these events and the more President Bush describes it’s true meaning and target, the more vague it became as it began describing what it is not. Lies and false accusations that attempt to justify a connection between Saddam Hussaine and Al Quada on Cheney’s part are exposed. The real lesson of 9/11 is exposed: Intelligence matters. As much as the sections of Gov’t claim to be putting forth a great effort to stop terror, their efforts and strategies of preventing such acts of terror were underestimated and no response was made in time. This is what needs improvement. All of the generals and gov’t officials testosterone induced plans to search out and destroy the enemy are riddled with error and impending failure. There is a conversation between Dick Chaney and Brent Scowcroft , who were previously longtime friends and who operated together very well, about the actions and response that America should take and the result was that there needs to be improved intelligence and not much more. Very little was accomplished and they never met again, thus signifying that the issues following 9/11 are complex and uneasily handled. Not understanding how 19 members of the Atta team managed to enter a country, operate within it, make all of the necessary communications and actually pull off the worst attack on America is a problem for investigators that boggles the mind. -All of this is taken into consideration when the Bush administration proposed the Patriot
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