NOTES - NOTES Screening Twin Towers Flight 11 headed from...

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NOTES------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10/8/08 Screening: Twin Towers Flight 11 headed from boston to las angeles (plane had lots of fuel) but hit the north tower @ 8:27 traveling 400 mph. It struck the 94 th floor and surrounding ten floors. Flight 175 hit the south tower at 9:03 at an oblique angle between floors 78-87, which caused a lot of stress. This is why the north was hit first but collapsed last. The third plane hit the pentagon and the fourth hit PA. These towers were symbols of America’s economic might. Pentagon symbol of military might. The plane that crashed in PA was supposed to hit the capital symbol of political power. Allin Reiss director of world trade center. World Trade Center #3 was the meeting place for officials to gather and plan a course of action if America were under attack BUT it was part of the targeted area and was evacuated before it collapsed shortly after. Fire fighters were overwhelmed in fighting the fire that resulted from the attacks. Problem #1: It takes one minute to climb one level of stairs with 100 LB of gear and being that elevators weren’t useable, it would take over an hour to reach the points of fire. Problem #2: Hose sprayers could cover 2500 square feet of area. However, each floor of the WTC was 8 times bigger than that, which greatly impaired the relief efforts. 9:50AM South Tower collapses 10:28AM North Tower collapses WHY did they collapse? Well lets take a look into its creation! - when struck weight gets distributed around the hole and the hole in the south tower was made by a plane traveling over 500 MPH, which combined with the angle of impact 5:20 WTC 7 collapses. - Air sampling revealed no chemical agents & the building was structurally advanced & they took a plane hitting the towers into consideration when designing it. - Hurricane force winds could not damage the towers. - 20 days after first attack with Ramzi Yousef in 1993 and they were reopened. FEMA was responsible for relief help & A LOT of local volunteers - There were 5 survivors in the 48 hours after the collapse. - Over one million tons of debris had to be taken away. NOTES --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10/13/08 Screening over. Monday, September 17 th New York stock exchange reopens when power is temporarily turned on.
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George Tomaro structural engineer who spoke of Slurry walls. He made maps to determine was was safe and/or not safe. By Monday, September 24 th , 2001, no more survivors were found and all hope was gone for missing persons. The rescue operations changed to recovery. - Colonel O’David supervised the dredging down of ten feet off of the Raritan river’s floor. PATH
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NOTES - NOTES Screening Twin Towers Flight 11 headed from...

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