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Lecture 2 - What is Conservation 1 “The use of natural...

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Conservation Lecture 2 Intro to Natural Resources Natural Resource: basic earth material (water, soil, plants, animals and minerals) Used or converted to support man Resource: culturally defined A. Renewable(flow) 1. Water, soil, forests, range lands, and fisheries B. Non-renewable (stock) 2. Minerals- used only once, but may be reclaimed Human Resource: skills, cultural attributes Conservation Ethic: developed in the 20 th century in the U.S., possible earlier in Europe. A. Homocentric world: everything revolves around man
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Unformatted text preview: What is Conservation? 1. “The use of natural resources for the greatest good of the greatest number for the longest time.” (how can 3 variables be maximized at the same time?) 2. “Conservation implies both the development and protection of resources” Ex. Development: build a dam in canyon for hydroelectricity and irrigation Protection: build nothing, preserve scenery • Is Conservation Preservation? • Use resource or save resources? • Save for the unborn? • Live now- the world may end....
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