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Conservation Lecture 3 Laws of Thermodymanics: 1 When heat is transformed into any other form of energy, the total amount of energy is constant. The total amount of energy in the world is constant (what we have is what we have). The amount of energy available to us to be used decreases. Law of Conservation of Energy : energy is neither destroyed, lost, nor gained. Laws of Thermodynamics: 2 The overall tendency in all processes is away from concentration and high temperature. Energy becomes less and less useable. All forms of energy eventually degrade to heat. Forms of Energy (are converted without loss or gain) Potential, kinetic (motion), electric, magnetic, chemical reaction, nuclear, heat. Resource Limits: 1 Minerals from sea. Use of lower grade ones.
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Unformatted text preview: • Solar energy to replace exhausted stock resources (coal, oil). • Perhaps resources are infinite; the only limit is man’s ingenuity. • Another concept of infinitude of resources is based on the conservation of matter and energy. • Matter and energy are indestructible; they can be used many times, but may become unavailable. Resource Limit: 2 • By the laws of thermodynamics, unavailability (chaos) is the ultimate tendency. • Energy, once used, passes to a lower state. • Entropy- inverse of PE • The ultimate is maximum entropy, uniform energy state, and perfect homogeneity of everything. • No material would be concentrated in the future; no energy would be available to concentrate it....
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