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book notes paper 2 - 71-3: negotiation between old and new...

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71-3: negotiation between old and new discourses. Emergence of vitalism in discourse. She admits to feeling a change, a tranformation taking place. Her motive disappeared and she took with her what motivated her, a learning tool from the teacher that expedites her to seek knowledge in real life, not in confinement/isolation. Her servitude is sharpened and developed to the point where she needs to put it to use elsewhere, where it may be of use and in turn thrust her into the world. She is passionate about achieving a new servitude so that she can experience the world for good and for bad, as life comes. She thinks hard and comes up with the scheme of submitting her services in the newspaper. 75: receives reply and romanticizes of the total change that her new job would offer her. It would bring her to a life of movement and activity and would free her from confinement of lowood. 92-93: Her pupil is depicted to express jane’s contentment in her situation. That the little girl is vivacious, yet average to the point that she is happy to interact with her but she does not find herself particularly attached to her on a “profound” level. Her walking to the gate symbolizes her reaching her limits and her longing for a stronger power of vision to see more is symbolic of her outlook at that time. It called for adventure and discovery for herself. Her discourse is sharpened: humans need action, not tranquility (Humans as in Jane) and this is brought to a gender comment which sounds like a very early argument
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book notes paper 2 - 71-3: negotiation between old and new...

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