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Dylan Douglas Prof. Ogden Principles of Literary Study Quiz #2 #1 In chapter four of the gospel of Luke there are themes in the form of tests of endurance, the battle between good and evil, and the populations response to Jesus Christ’s claims of being the messiah. This is observed during Jesus’ transition from being the unusually bright son of Joseph, through a period of incessant temptations and into the righteous, spiritually instructive and miraculous person that Jesus is mainly portrayed as. As the story begins with Jesus’ condition of being empty, a metaphor is insinuated in which Jesus represents all of mankind. It is better emphasized as the devil leads him to “the wilderness” for “forty days” and subjects him to being tempted by many evil agreements. The location in the wilderness may represent the real world in general, which even while the Holy Spirit is available to help people achieve redemption, the devil is also there with his timeless temptations. This one third of Luke four sets the stage for Jesus’ ongoing
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