Ec101F10L13_15_101121 - Economics 101, UCLA Fall 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: Economics 101, UCLA Fall 2010 Jernej Copic Lectures 13-15, 11/16/10, 11/18/10, and 11/23/10. Repeated prisoners dilemma and application to collusion. Introduction. Kill Bill, Vol. 2. Vol. 2. Milogled was getting ready. He was really getting ready. Milogled was really really getting ready. It was going to be just a simple trip, or perhaps, not so much. Staying overnight in El Paso is never just a simple trip. In particular, when you are staying in a lonesome restaurant/motel, run by No1 and his team. Milogled was packing his truck with ammunition, bazookas, dynamite, and various detonation devices. Two nights in El Paso, just a casual border-town holiday. Meanwhile, in the motel where Milogled was headed to, Grunf was about to give instructions to Minuette. She was currently un-voluntarily forced into performing the duties of the one and only waitress. Normally, she would have refused such a lowly occupation, but you know, the economy... The motel was a converted chapel, commemorating a site of some recent western-style showdown. See, Mr. Bluff will be staying for two nights, so you better offer him a good service, at least on the first night. Grunf loaded the short shotgun, put the trigger in the unlocked position, and put it under the counter. And let me know, if there is trouble. Minuette didnt look too happy. She grumbled in a high pitch: Of course, youll know if theres trouble - theres gonna be shootin all over this darn middle of nowhere. And why is it that you always tell me I have to be nice!? Hmmm.... Okay, lets see. I guess you dont have to really, but I just thought that would be a better option than getting us all killed, I suppose. You dumb-ass, you dont even get it. Of course, I understand what you mean, I just dont get it why you always put me in the frontline, so that I am sure to claim the first bullets. Let me actually suggest you a better option than getting us all whacked. Huh? Weeeell, I only tell you if you agree to put your German rear end out here and serve 1 him, while I get to run the place, as much as anyone does that around here anyways. If we do this thing right we might even live through it. A cockroach popped its fat body from a hole in the wall, wondering what the hubbub was all about. Nothing out of the usual, but I am sick of this shooting business (thought the cockroach to itself). What if I dont want to? You aint got much of a choice, buddy... A small feminine revolver was pressed deep into Grunfs belly. Here, signature, pleeees. Minuette knew that Grunf, being German, would stick to his signed oath no matter what. After he signed the agreement (which had a clause that he could not reverse the situation) that he would act as a server instead of Minuette, she removed the pistol and continued....
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Ec101F10L13_15_101121 - Economics 101, UCLA Fall 2010...

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