Ec101F10L16_17_101204 - Economics 101 UCLA Fall 2010 Jernej...

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Unformatted text preview: Economics 101, UCLA Fall 2010 Jernej Copic Lectures 16,17, 11/25/10. General Equilibrium. Introduction. The large gathering. No more, was the only thought that No1’s brain could produce. No more. No more... No more mana. It hadn’t happened in a while, but now it did again: he was out of mana, and he needed to get some. Urgently. But not as urgently as the urgency with which Grunf stepped through the door, panting. “Boss, boss, there will be the large gathering – Everyone is coming, boss, everyone!” “Leave me alone.” The door slammed open again. Now it was Bob, also panting, Alan followed closely. “There will be the large gathering , Boss! We should go, you should come too! We need you there!” They exclaimed in unison. “Leave me alone. I am out.” There was a knock, and without pause, another, and then there were Jeremiah, Clodoveo, and Cariatide. There was a brief glimpse of Minuette approaching fast, along with Sir Oliver, Milogled Bluff, Squitty, and a bunch of other people... They were all in a frenzy. “The large gathering! The large gathering! Finally!” “LEAVE ME ALONE! - I AM OUT!” No1 was pushing hard on the wheels of his vintage wheelchair from the late neolitic. When he wanted to leave he nearly had a collision with Minuette, and then rebounded back into the flower shop by the force of the thick horde that was rushing in. His attempt to escape was in vain. “We need you, No1!” “Arg, ugh....” No1 was visibly tired and pale. His chin and beard were protruding forward but his look was emptier than usual, in stark contrast with the aggressive ark of his bushy eyebrows. Grunf, who was standing closest, leaned over and asked gently. 1 “ But Boss, why do you not want to perform your function at the large gathering - we all thought you enjoyed it. What is it?” Others joined in. They were talking over each other “Yes, what is it? Can we help?” “No, you can’t help. No one can help. Besides, you don’t even need me any more.” “Of course we need you, No1! We do! Who will otherwise perform the super important role of the invisible arm?” There was a slight glimmer of irritation in No1’s eyes: “It’s not the invisible arm, it’s the invisible hand , you moron. Besides, you don’t need that in the large gathering either.” Now it was their faces that were showing demonstrable signs of distress, confusion, and the likes. “How... What do you mean, we don’t need you? We don’t need the invisible arm or hand or whatever? How are we going to do it then?” No1 was now comfortably laid back in his chair, his chin lifted upwards, his eyelids covering his shiny eyes, and the bony finger lifted in a professorial gesture....
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This note was uploaded on 09/05/2011 for the course ECON 101 taught by Professor Buddin during the Fall '08 term at UCLA.

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Ec101F10L16_17_101204 - Economics 101 UCLA Fall 2010 Jernej...

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