Act 4 Exam - T yler L isowski Act 4 Exam John ProctorJohn...

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Tyler Lisowski 11/17/2009 Act 4 Exam John Proctor - John Proctor faces an extreme test in the Crucible. This is brought on by an internal conflict within himself. In the story, John has an affair with Abigail Williams and commits lechery with her as well. As the story progresses, Abigail accuses John’s wife of witchcraft out of jealousy. This brings on the internal conflict within John in which he can either protect his prestigious and pious name or give up his reputation and save his wife. Before this event, John was always afraid to risk his name for anything. However, he decides that he will not witness his wife die and tells the court he has committed adultery with Abigail Williams. Although he changes in some aspects as a character, he still remains true to his beliefs on other morals like lying. In Act 4, John has the opportunity to confess to witchcraft that he never committed and live or deny the crime and hang for it. Although he originally wants to confess to live, John keeps his integrity and does not confess to the crime he supposedly committed. In the end, John turns out to be a dynamic character after straightening out his priorities and placing his family before his reputation. Through this change, he overcomes his crucible, which is a sever test or trial, and does not cave into the pressure put on him by the town. One scene that really shows that he has won his test was right was right before he is about to be hanged when Hale is pleading with Elizabeth to get John to confess. All Elizabeth says is, “He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!” (pg 145). This quote shows that John stayed true to his beliefs and family until his death. One has to admire the courage and bravery it took for John to be able to give up his life for such a good cause.
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Tyler Lisowski 11/17/2009 Reverend Hale- Reverend Hale also faces an extreme test or crucible in this story. In the story,
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Act 4 Exam - T yler L isowski Act 4 Exam John ProctorJohn...

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