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Lapsansky-Werner, Emma, Peter Levy, Randy Roberts, and Alan Taylor. United States History . Boston: Pearson Education Inc., 2008. 868-80. Print. The authors of this book are all renown professors at prestigious universities across the US. They compile facts and information from all historical references and compiled them into this book to describe historical events. This is the textbook we use in the United States History course at Orchard Park High School. It has a lot of information on the Holocaust and McCarthyism, which both relate to the Salem Witch Trials. This book also has information on the Salem Witch Trials. It gives information on the motives of major and influential individuals in all three events in history. Also, it describes the emotions felt by the nations in each period of time. In all three cases, a scapegoat was targeted. Additionally, injustices occur in all three cases. This will prove to be a vital source to my essay. Miller, Arthur . The Crucible . New York: Penguin Group, 1952. Print. This book is a fictional illustration of the Salem Witch Trials. However, most of the characters and events in this book are actually historically accurate. This book offers quotes and much other important information from major officials in the Salem Trials. This book shows major officials like Danforth and Hawthorn and shows their actions and motives in the trial accurately. It also accurately shows the feeling of hysteria felt during that time. Arthur Miller wrote it; who researched the subject greatly before writing the book. The quotes in this book will prove to
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Annotated Bibliography - Lapsansky-Werner Emma Peter Levy...

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