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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Baker, I want to take time to sincerely apologize for the stress and trauma I have put both of you through this past week. My actions were completely out of character and I know I have betrayed a trust I cherished dearly. I cannot describe how much it hurts me to know I have hurt the unique bond we had. I viewed and still continue to view both of you as virtually a second set of parents. Throughout the past year at the club, you always treated me with the utmost respect and I am extremely grateful for that. Of everywhere I worked, I can honestly say I have never had the privilege to have bosses that care as much for their employees as you both do. Even through the incident, you never degraded me in anyway and I truly appreciate that as well. I can honestly say that I do not know many people who would have handled it in such a caring and sincere way as you both did. I am deeply sorry that I hurt you and the Orchard Park Country Club as a whole. If
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Unformatted text preview: there’s any positive side to this ordeal, it’s the fact that I have matured because of it. I realize now how my own actions not only affect me but all the people and institutions involved in my life as well. Additionally, I know now I really need to respect the people around me and quit acting immature and saying things I really do not mean and have no right to say. I would like to repair this bond I have fractured. If there is anyway I can somehow prove myself again to you I will do it in a heartbeat. I realize this is going to take a long time to completely show to you both that I have truly changed. If you feel I deserve another opportunity, please let me know anything I can do to help restore the trust we once had. I want you both to know I am very sorry for the damage my actions have caused and want to thank you for controlling it in such a kind way. Sincerely, Tyler Lisowski (If you need to contact me please call my cell phone: 1(770) 598-6726)...
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