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I. Government in the Colonies a. Traditions of English Government i. Manga Carta ii. English Bill of Rights b. A Measure of Self-Rule in America c. King James 2 Asserts Royal Power d. The Glorious Revolution Results in a Bill of Rights i. Habeas corpus- can’t be held in jail without being charged of a crime ii. Salutary neglect- England allowed the colonies self-rule as long as they aided England II. England’s Economic Relationship With the Colonies
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Unformatted text preview: a. Mercantilism Drives the British Economy b. The Navigation Acts Regulate Trade c. The Consumer Revolution d. Triangular Trade Route III. New Ideas Affect the American Colonies a. Enlightenment Thinkers Offer New Worldviews b. The Great Awakening c. Effects of the Great Awakening i. Led to formation of new churches ii. Led to rise of democratic beliefs in the colonies...
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