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Compare and Contrast Poster Same for both 1. A scapegoat is targeted (i.e the poor, homeless people in the town of Salem like Sarah Goode and all other homeless people of Salem), and the Jews in Germany which were loathed 2. In both societies, one or a group of officials have to much power and cause injustices (Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany; and Abigail and the Church in Salem and the court officials in Salem) 3. Scapegoats in both cases were targeted for not being involved in religion or solely because of their religion 4. Both scapegoats are innocent and die 5. Mob mentality occurs in both cases; people want to be part of the group so they also target the scapegoats and believe what the high ranking officials say; this causes the injustices to escalate to a new level 6. Injustices occur in both cases (death of 6 million Jews and the killing of
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Unformatted text preview: innocent individuals in Salem Different 1. Different types of scapegoats (Jews, homosexuals, gypsies in Holocaust and non-Christians or non frequent church goers in Salem.) 2. Officials were revolved around the Church in Salem; and the officials that lead the injustices in Germany were all involved with the Government 3. In Salem people started accusing each other mainly for land and in Germany the Jews were targeted because Germany was still bitter after losing Word War 1 and wanted to blame it on someone 4. Millions more Jews were killed than people in Salem. 5. Different time periods (1900s and 1800s) 6. World War 1 lead to Holocaust and breaking of charity, or people becoming selfish arguable caused Salem Witch Trials....
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