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court cases - baker v Carr unrepresented voters can have...

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marbury v madison- set up judiciary review mcculloch v maryland- state’s actions cannot surpase federal laws gibbons v ogden – congress could regulate interstate commerce dredd scott v Sanford- African American slaves could never be US citizens plessy v ferguson- separate but equal; separate facilities could exist for races schenck v US- ones rights can be limited in times of war; 1 st Amendment right to speaking out against draft korematsu v US- Japanese interment camps legal; it was necessary to safety of US brown v board education- integration of public schools; separate but equal unconstitutional mapp v ohio- evidence obtained illegally by police cannot be used in court of law
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Unformatted text preview: baker v Carr- unrepresented voters can have their districts redrawn engle v Vitale- not able to have prayer in school gideon v Wainwright- states must provide attorney to those who cant afford one escobedo v Illinois- suspect can see his attorney before police questioning miranda v Arizona- accused must know certain rights before being interrogated tinker V des moines- students in school have certain first amendment rights roe v wade- abortion is legal US v Nixon- Nixon resigns; he is pardoned; Pres. Is not above law...
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  • Spring '08
  • Barlow
  • Supreme Court of the United States, Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, United States Supreme Court cases, Nixon- Nixon resigns, Japanese interment camps

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