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Current Event Week 1 - the violence in Egypt to a certain...

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Tyler Lisowski 02/03/2010 Period 8 Current Event Week 1 Topic : Egypt’s conflict with the President and different religious groups. Title: Egypt’s Coptic Christians fear life without Mubarak Date: February 3 rd , 2011 Source: Los Angeles Times Summary: The article discusses the conflict that is currently happening in Egypt. Feuding between different religious groups in Egypt caused this conflict, specifically the Christians and the Islamic Extremist. Many violent acts have been occurring in the country due to religious intolerance, like the bombing on New Years Day, which killed many people. The views on the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak are mixed. Some believe that he should remain in office due to the fact he recently has been able to control
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Unformatted text preview: the violence in Egypt to a certain extent. However, others believe that he should step down from office. Currently, the President claims he cares for his country and will remain in office. Relation to government: This whole article discusses how the government of Egypt is handling the civil unrest in the country. The President has recently successfully exercised his power to keep the Islamic terrorists at bay. Many Egyptians citizens have died or been wounded in the conflict, and handling this conflict is Tyler Lisowski 02/03/2010 Period 8 a top priority of the government. This relates to the United States government as well because potentially we could become involved due to our relations with Egypt....
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