DBQ Essay - T yler L isowski 09/09/2009 Period 5 DBQ Essay...

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Tyler Lisowski 09/09/2009 Period 5 DBQ Essay American’s often pride themselves on their country being a “land of opportunity.” This statement basically states that there is an abundance of economic opportunities in the United States. An economic opportunity is virtually a job or any occupation a person can do to earn money. One easily can see that there are many jobs and economic opportunities in present day America. Most people would wonder if this idea would hold true going back to the colonial times. Contrary to popular belief, many economic opportunities existed even when America was still composed of colonies. This idea is proven in both northern and southern colonies. The northern colonies had a copious of economic opportunities. The northern colonies are made up of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Andrew Burnaby illustrates the extent of the economic opportunities availability extremely well. He states that, “Boston… in New England, is one of the largest and most flourishing towns in North America…” (Document 4). Boston is a city located in Massachusetts. One can infer that since this town is flourishing, there has to be a lot of chances for employment there. In fact, the people of Boston had many jobs in the shipping and manufacturing (OI). Not only were there many jobs, but the jobs also paid well. A Quaker named Gabriel Thomas even stated that, “… people (both men and women) of all kinds, can [in colonial
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DBQ Essay - T yler L isowski 09/09/2009 Period 5 DBQ Essay...

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