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Tyler Lisowski 09/30/2010 Period 1 Descriptive Essay When one pulls up to this building, they see a dilapidated two-story brick structure resembling an apartment almost. Trash lines the streets in front of this building which is located in the middle of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Many people drive past this building and feel indifferent about it, viewing it as just another run down structure in the inner city. Little do they know how significant of an impact it has on so many people. This building is actually a homeless shelter and a soup kitchen. I use to volunteer there when I lived in Georgia. One would never expect such miraculous things to happen in this when passing by. However, upon entering the shelter, they obtain a different viewpoint. The ground floor of the building has been renovated into a functional kitchen. Around noontime the cafeteria, which is comparable to the size of the Orchard Park Cafeteria, is packed with people looking for a meal. A single file lined is formed that
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