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ENG11Cruciblevocab - 9 Conjure to envoke to...

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Vocab 1. Pious-religious 2. Condemnation- to look down upon; state of being outcasted 3. Ignorance- not having knowledge 4. Magistrate-an official trusted in administering laws (religious) 5. Calamity- a great misforturne 6. Tonnage- capacity 7. Dignity – acting with self-respect; noblility 8. Blasphemy- horrible injustice; huge immoral act
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Conjure- to envoke; to make (witchcraftly) 10.Ordain- holy; derive power from God 11.Poppet- little puppet 12.Vengeance- revenge; wanting to get back for something 13.Theology- study of religion 14.Evasive- sneaky; not straightforward...
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