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1. A scapegoat is targeted in both cases a. Salem- Poor, homeless people were first accused of witchcraft due to the fact that no one cared for them and they were easy targets for witchcraft. b. Holocaust- Jews in Germany were targeted because much animosity existed between the Germans and the Jews. This means that not many Germans will try and stop the persecution of the Jewish people by the Nazis since Germans loathed the Jews. 2. One person or a group of officials gain too much power in both cases and the misuse of that power causes the injustices. a. Salem- Abigail uses the feeling of hysteria in the town to manipulate everyone to believe her. This almost makes her a dictator in a sense since everything she says Judge Danforth trusts fully. This leads to the hanging of many innocent people. b. Holocaust- Nazi party becomes leaders of Germany and Hitler becomes a dictator. After these events, Jews immediately began to be removed from their homes and
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Unformatted text preview: treated unjustly by the Germans. 3. Scapegoats in both cases were targeted for not being involved in religion or solely because of their religion 4. Scapegoats in both cases are innocent and many die 5. Mob mentality occurs in both cases. People want to be part of the group so they also target the scapegoats and believe what the high-ranking officials say. This causes the injustices to escalate to a new level a. Salem- Many people go with what others believe even though it contradicts their own beliefs to stay alive. A prime example of this is Mary Warren, who turns against the Proctors just to fit in with Abigail Williams. b. Holocaust- Not all Germans hated the Jewish race. However, many German citizens believed Hitler would murder them if they did not support his cause of exterminating the Jewish race. Therefore, they follow what the majority of all other Germans believe which is killing all the Jewish people....
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