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1. Discourse (noun)- dialogue between people 2. Conscience (noun)- the facility of recognizing right or wrong 3. Meditation (noun)- reflecting on past events 4. Heathen (noun)- atheist; does not believe in God 5. Intercept (verb)- to stop or interrupt 6. Ordination (noun)- religious ceremony 7. Ecclesiastic (noun)- priest; religious official 8. Blasphemy (noun)- ultimate betrayal against church; wicked deed 9. Hearth (noun)- a vital or creative center 10. Pious (adj.)- very religious 11. Irresponsible (adj)- impossible to control; does not control his actions 12. Cognizance (noun)- awareness 13. Objective POV- no bias; 3 rd person narrator 14. Subjective POV- bias; 1 st person; feelings in story 15. Inert (adj)- motionless 16. Dissembling (verb)- to hide truth; to feign 17. Propriety (noun)- justness; rightness 18. Abomination (noun)- something loathed or intensely
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Unformatted text preview: disliked 19. Blatant (adj) clear; obvious (in a rude way usually) 20. Prodigious (adj)- incredibly large; marvelous 21. Land-lust (noun)- personal hunger for land 22. Faction (noun)- group within larger group 23. Fanatics (noun)- person with extreme enthusiasm usually in religion 24. Paradox (noun)- statement that seems contradictory but is true 25. Charity (noun)- generous actions or donations 26. Hypocrite (noun)- person who disobeys his morals 27. Pretense (noun)- pretending or feigning 28. Iniquity (noun)- wickedness 29. Subservient (adj.)- submissive; easily repressed 30. Persecute (verb)- to pursue w/ harassing treatment 31. Methodical (adj.)- acting in a systematic way 32. Yeomanry (noun)- class of small freeholders who cultivated their own land...
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