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Example Essay - Tyler Lisowski 10/31/10 Period 1 Example...

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Tyler Lisowski 10/31/10 Period 1 Example Essay School is a place in which students attend in hopes of obtaining a higher education. Five days a week students come here and learn about a variety of topics such as Calculus or Physics. However, there us no guarantee that students are gaining any knowledge just because class is in session. I remember one specific time in Spanish class where the period was a complete waste of time. It was October of my sophomore year, and school was fresh on my mind. As I walked into class ready into class ready to hand in a three-page homework assignment, I assumed I would expand my knowledge about the foreign language in class. However, on the TV screen in the classroom I saw Finding Nemo illuminating the whole classroom. For the whole entire week our class watched this movie, in English. Instead of forming a lesson plan around the movie, she decided to just grade papers instead in order to get caught up on grading before the end of the quarter. Therefore, our class had no assessment on the video and only fell behind other classes that continued learning different grammatical structures in the Spanish language. The quarterly exam was the next week on top of it, and all the same level Spanish classes. Our class averaged the lower combined average of any class that took the same class, a score ten points
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Example Essay - Tyler Lisowski 10/31/10 Period 1 Example...

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