Syllabus updated 2011 rough

Syllabus updated 2011 rough - Cornell University...

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Cornell University Entrepreneurship for Engineers ENGRG 4610/MAE 4610/ORIE 4152 Course Syllabus Fall 2011 Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:40 AM to 9:55 AM, Upson Hall, Room B-17 Professor: John Callister e-mail: [email protected] Please put the course number on the subject line Phone: (607) 255-5545 Grumman 291 office (607) 256-9018 Rhodes 426 office (607) 339-7420 cell (607) 272-7976 home Offices: ORIE: 426 Rhodes Hall M&AE: 291 Grumman Hall Office Hours: 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM MW in 291 Grumman. Additional times by appointment. Evening office hours will be scheduled for groups prior to presentations. Course (catalog) description: Fall. 3 credits. This course develops skills necessary to identify, evaluate, and begin new business ventures. Topics include intellectual property, competition, strategy, business plans, technology forecasting, finance and accounting, and sources of capital. A rigorous, quantitative approach is stressed throughout, and students create financial documents and plans, analyze human resource models, and work with sophisticated valuation methods, complicated equity structures, and legal and business documents. As such, this course represents the "red meat" of entrepreneurship, and the soft skills are left for other courses. Course work consists of discussions, assignments, and the preparation and presentation of a complete business plan. 1. Prerequisite(s): Enrollment open to upper class engineers; others with permission of instructor. Limited enrollment. Master of Engineering students and other graduate students should take NBA 5070.
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Syllabus updated 2011 rough - Cornell University...

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