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fall 2011 problem sets

fall 2011 problem sets - PASSES on problem sets during the...

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Economics 1120 Problem Sets on Myeconlab Professor Kyle’s Sections Fall 2011 All students are required to do the on-line problem sets that go with our textbook. The website is here: http://myeconlab.mathxl.com/login_econ.htm Your text purchased at the campus store has an access key bundled with it that will give you access to the site. Alternatively, access can be purchased separately for those who buy their text elsewhere. In either case the ID for the correct course is: kyle52462 Please note that it is NOT OK to do the problem sets associated with other Professors who teach Econ 1120 The first three problem sets do not count . The website used requires me to assign them and then give them a zero weight in order to accomplish this, so don’t worry if it appears that the website is including them in your grade. In addition to this, you are allowed TWO FREE
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Unformatted text preview: PASSES on problem sets during the semester. That is, you can skip two weeks without penalty. If you don’t skip any weeks we will delete your two lowest grades. The reason I give free passes is to allow for the inevitable illnesses, family crises, computer crashes, or other issues that prevent you from doing a problem set from time to time. Please note that this means you should NOT petition for “additional free passes” because you have a reasonable excuse for not submitting a problem set – the two free passes are given so that neither Prof. Kyle nor the TA’s have to evaluate anyone’s excuse for not doing them on time. Also, please note that “on time” is determined by the computer and there is NO (None, Zero, Zilch) leeway for late submissions. One minute late is the same as one hour or one day or one week. Late is late....
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