23-Recurrences - 6/15/2011 Analysis of Merge-Sort CS/ENGRD...

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6/15/2011 1 CS/ENGRD 2110 Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures Spring 2011 Thorsten Joachims Lecture 23: Recurrences Analysis of Merge-Sort Recurrence describing computation time: T(n) = c + d + e + f + 2 T(n/2) + g n + h recurrence T(1) = i base case How do we solve this recurrence? 2 public static Comparable[] mergeSort(Comparable[] A, int low, int high) { if (low < high) { //at least 2 elements? cost = c int mid = (low + high)/2; cost = d Comparable[] A1 = mergeSort(A, low, mid); cost = T(n/2) + e Comparable[] A2 = mergeSort(A, mid+1, high); cost = T(n/2) + f return merge(A1,A2); cost = g n + h } .... cost = i Analysis of Merge-Sort Recurrence: T(n) = c + d + e + f + 2 T(n/2) + g n + h T(1) = i First, simplify by dropping lower-order terms and replacing constants by their max T(n) = 2 T(n/2) + a n T(1) = b Simplify even more. Consider only the number of comparisons. T(n) = 2 T(n/2) + n T(1) = 0 How do we find the solution? 3 Solving Recurrences Unfortunately, solving recurrences is like solving differential equations No general technique works for all recurrences Luckily, can get by with a few common patterns You learn some more techniques in CS2800 4 Analysis of Merge-Sort Recurrence for number of comparisons of MergeSort T(n) = 2T(n/2) + n T(1) = 0 T(2) = 2 To show: T(n) is O(n log(n)) for n 2 {2,4,8,16,32,…} Restrict to powers of two to keep algebra simpler Proof: use induction on n 2 {2,4,8,16,32,…} Show P(n) = {T(n) c n log(n)} for some fixed constant c . Base: P(2) T(2) = 2 c 2 log(2) using c=1 Strong inductive hypothesis: P(m) = {T(m) c m log(m)} is true for all m 2 {2,4,8,16,32,…,k} . Induction step: P(2) A P(4) A A P(k) P(2k) T(2k) 2T(2k/2) + (2k) 2(c k log(k)) + (2k) c (2k) log(k) + c (2k) = c (2k) (log(k) + 1) = c (2k) log(2k) for c 1 5 Solving Recurrences Recurrences are important when using divide & conquer to design an algorithm Solution techniques:
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23-Recurrences - 6/15/2011 Analysis of Merge-Sort CS/ENGRD...

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