25-Wrapup - Course Overview CS/ENGRD 2110 Object-Oriented...

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5/5/2011 1 CS/ENGRD 2110 Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures Spring 2011 Thorsten Joachims Lecture 25: Review and Open Problems Course Overview Programming Concepts Object-Oriented Programming Interfaces and Types Recursion Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) Concurrency and Threads we use Java, but the goal is to understand the ideas rather than to become a Java expert Data-Structure Concepts Induction Asymptotic analysis (big-O) Arrays, Trees, and Lists Priority Queues Graphs develop skill with a set of tools that are widely useful 2 Operational Knowledge Programming Concepts Object-Oriented Programming Classes and objects Primitive vs. reference types Dynamic vs. static types Subtypes and Inheritance Overriding Shadowing Overloading Inner & anonymous classes Recursion Divide and conquer Stack frames Exceptions Interfaces and Types Type hierarchy vs. class hierarchy Generic types The Comparable interface Design patterns: Iterator, Observer (GUI), etc. GUIs Components, Containers, Layout Managers Concurrency and Threads Locking Race conditions Deadlocks 3 Data Structure Concepts Basic building blocks Arrays Lists (Singly- and doubly-linked) Trees Asymptotic analysis (big-O) Induction Solving recurrences Lower bound on sorting Searching Linear- vs. binary-search Sorting Insertion-, Selection-, Merge-, Quick-, and Heapsort Useful ADTs (& implementations) Priority Queues Heaps Array of queues Binary Search Trees (BSTs) Graphs. .. 4
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25-Wrapup - Course Overview CS/ENGRD 2110 Object-Oriented...

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