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Misty Charnesky-Business Communication Tools - Running...

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Running head: BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TOOLS 1 Business Communication Tools Misty Charnesky XCOM285 July 31, 2011 Keri O'Malley
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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TOOLS 2 Business Communication Tools Although I am not working right now, business communication plays a role in my education. Having respect for other people is just a start but to be able to communicate freely amongst other students helps prepare for future employment. It is not just the emails, meetings, letters, memos, and reports that verify the effectiveness of business communication, but the underlying tone within. You have to be ready for the rebukes forthcoming to each statement or decision made, and respond in positive assertive ways. Whether I am in a business setting or personal setting, I tend to hold my tongue and have respect for those who absolutely deserve it. For example, there is a raging family war going on right now but I took myself out of it even after the continuous prodding for me to respond. I have worked hard to get where I am at, coming up from nothing at all, for simple things to make
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Misty Charnesky-Business Communication Tools - Running...

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