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Misty Charnesky-Technology-Trendy Communication

Misty Charnesky-Technology-Trendy Communication - Running...

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Running head: TECHNOLOGY-TRENDY COMMUNICATION 1 Technology-Trendy Communication Misty Charnesky XCOM285 July 27, 2011 Keri O'Malley
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TECHNOLOGY-TRENDY COMMUNICATION 2 Technology-Trendy Communication In some ways businesses are using technology resources effectively, much of this relates to the generation of workers as in age and many times the region the company has established their business in. In an USA Today article from 2009 it was proven that those companies that use technology to communicate come out on top. Even when the cable television went out the Stanley Cup broadcast was still able to do updates using Twitter. Another example is Media Temple, the CEO, Demian Sellfors, stated that, "If you're trying to hide from your customers, don't use Twitter," says Demian Sellfors, CEO of Media Temple, a Web-hosting service. "We want to know what our customers think, both good and bad. That's a good thing." In many cases employees, managers, CEO’s, etc are able to communicate on portable devices such as laptops, Smartphones, and tablets, such as the iPad.
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Misty Charnesky-Technology-Trendy Communication - Running...

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