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Misty Charnesky-Cross-Cultural Communication Memo2

Misty Charnesky-Cross-Cultural Communication Memo2 -...

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Running head: CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION MEMO2 1 Cross-Cultural Communication Memo2 Misty Charnesky XCOM285 August 14, 2011 Keri O'Malley
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2 Cross-Cultural Communication Memo2 August 14, 2011 To: Team From: Misty L. Charnesky Subject: Enhancing Communication in Germany As we plan our new business venture with Germany we have to stop and plan which would be the best way to communicate with them upon our arrival. Whether the communication is verbal or nonverbal your message needs to be direct and geared towards your audience. Verbal Communication in Germany Like Americans Germans prefer a more direct communication, confrontation is sometimes acceptable in the German culture. The main reliance in communication is word usage and details of the event or project. Anything in writing is considered binding so being careful in your dealings is necessary. Do not add personal details into your letters or speeches as they are just fillers and have no importance here. August 14, 2011
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Misty Charnesky-Cross-Cultural Communication Memo2 -...

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