Store Operations Messages-Misty Charnesky

Store Operations Messages-Misty Charnesky - 819 Ash St...

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819 Ash St Johnstown, PA 15902 August 30, 2011 Company Store Managers and General Managers Company X P.O. Box 111 Anywhere, ST 12345-1234 Subject: Adjustments to Combat Rising Gas Prices To all Managers of Company X, Recently the gas prices have rose forcing us to change the hours of operations from 11am-9pm instead of our normal 10am-10pm. This will save utility costs that can go toward the rising gas prices. To combat prices we are also asking managers and full-time employees to change from the 5 day/8 hour shifts to 4 day/10 hour shifts. With this schedule you can have those extra days off that are wanted by many for family. With these changes we are able to keep the employees we have and eliminate the need for layoffs or termination as well as store closings. Although no stores will be closing there also will be no stores opening at this point in time. Sincerely, Misty L. Charnesky Misty L. Charnesky August 28, 2011
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To: All Employees From: Misty Charnesky MLC Subject: New Store Hours and Employee Schedules
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Store Operations Messages-Misty Charnesky - 819 Ash St...

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