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Misty Charnesky- CheckPoint- TJX Companies

Misty Charnesky- CheckPoint- TJX Companies - Correctly set...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: TJX COMPANIES 1 CheckPoint: TJX Companies Misty Charnesky IT205 June 23, 2011 Xiaohui Wang
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CHECKPOINT: TJX COMPANIES 2 CheckPoint: TJX Companies TJX had some security controls in place but many were outdated and other’s were not installed at all in certain points of entry. TJX had a WEP or Wired Equivelant Privacy encryption system when there was a better alternative of WPA or WiFi Protected Access available. WEP is easily penetrated where as WPA has a more complex encryption mode. Firewalls were installed on some of the computers within the whole system but not all so there were many entry points for access to information. There was a legacy system in place which caused the security issue with TJX. There are many tools that TJX needed in order to stop intruders into their system.
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Unformatted text preview: Correctly set up firewalls would be a first, to block incoming traffic of the malicious kind from the kiosks and wireless mobile from company equipement and the main system which stored information. In essence TJX left their company open for access to anyone by USB or wireless access. Another tool TJX did not have was an anti-virus program to stop malicious programs from being installed into the main system such as worms or viruses that could have crippled the whole system. TJX could have benefited from a SSL or Secure Sockets Layer to encrypt information flowing from the company to the the banks they dealt with concerning credit card transactions. I feel the most important thing for TJX was to update and install the firewalls and anti-virus on all computers and devices in the sytem....
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Misty Charnesky- CheckPoint- TJX Companies - Correctly set...

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