Misty Charnesky-Hardware Replacement Project

Misty Charnesky-Hardware Replacement Project - Running head...

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Running head: HARDWARE REPLACEMENT PROJECT 1 Hardware Replacement Project Misty Charnesky IT-205 July 17, 2011 Xiaohui Wang
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HARDWARE REPLACEMENT PROJECT 2 Hardware Replacement Project With the IT department looking into a new CRM system and the need for new hardware first to run it there is a lot of work to do. First of all they have to look at the problem before them, finding new hardware that will effectively run the new software. When looking at the scope of the project the department has to ensure that the proper equipment is purchased along with a need to upgrade later if necessary. The system now is out-of-date so therefore the new hardware should be capable of upgrading if the requirements of the project increase at a later date. Time to complete a project this big requires scheduling and specific deadlines for each component of the project. With the added factor of purchasing hardware the timeline has to be lengthened to accommodate. Cost can be considered a part of the time it takes to compile the whole system, the longer it takes the more resources it will use resulting in a higher rate, such as technical expert fees, employee hourly pay, and lost profit while a team of professionals work on the system. The new system has to be user friendly and completed within a set period of time but it also needs to be accurate and precise. Risk is involved when new components, hardware, and software are introduced. Even though there is new hardware and software it is not fool proof as to whether the system will work for the company itself.
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Misty Charnesky-Hardware Replacement Project - Running head...

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