Misty Charnesky DQ 1

Misty Charnesky DQ 1 - -=±-x 52 74 This equation is not...

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Misty Charnesky DQ 1 DQ 1: After In your own words, explain how to solve a quadratic equation by completing the square. Demonstrate the process with your own example. Completing the square involves taking an equation + + = ax2 bx c 0 and turns it into the form of ( - ) + = x A 2 B C for example. Let’s take the equation… - + = 4x2 5x 8 0 for example. - + = x2 5x 8 0 Start with the equation - = - x2 5x 8 First thing is to get the “c” value to the other side of the equation by subtracting 8 from both sides - + =- + x2 5x 254 8 254 Take half the x-coefficient (-5), divide it by 2 and then square the whole (- ) 52 2 Add this to both sides of the equation and then simplify. - + =- + x2 5x 254 324 254 You have to find the least common denominator in this equation ( - ) =- x 52 2 74 Take this equation further and continue to solve
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Unformatted text preview: -=±-x 52 74 This equation is not possible but in algebra it is with the imaginary number “I”-=± x 52 i74 There are two values for x here but we have to simplify further, there is a positive and negative answer as a square can have variable of either negative or positive that make the original number after you take the square root, there is always 2 answers to a positive integer.-=± x 52 i72 The denominator was able to be simplified, now add 52 to both sides to get x by itself = -+ =--x 52 i72 or x 52 i72 After doing all the work on the equation you would want to check to ensure the answers are correct, I have done this on paper and the answer comes out correct and true....
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Misty Charnesky DQ 1 - -=±-x 52 74 This equation is not...

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