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ENGRI111 / MSE111: Nanotechnology Credits: 3 Catalog Description: Nanotechnology has been enabling the Information Revolution with the development of even faster and more powerful devices for information manipulation, storage, and transmission. In this hands-on course students learn how to design and manipulate materials to build devices and structures in applications ranging from computers to telecommunications to biotechnology. Prerequisites: None Textbooks(s) and/or Other Required Materials: Nanotechnology ENGRI111 – Materials Selected from: th Topics Covered: Silicon Electronics Photonics Magnetics Scanning Tunneling and Atomic Force Microscopies Piezoelectric Materials New Forms of Carbon –Carbon Nanotubes Strong Materials Nanobiotechnology Class/Laboratory Schedule: Lecture: 3 hrs/wk Recitation: optional 1 hr/wk Laboratory: none Course Objectives and Relationship to Program Objectives: To introduce students to various devices and technologies, illustrate their limits and discuss how nanotechnology might be able to overcome these limitations; to familiarize students to basic nanotechnology structures, devices and
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ENGRI111_abet_04 - ENGRI111 / MSE111: Nanotechnology...

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