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MATH 3360 HOMEWORK SOLUTION 5 (Some computational problems are omitted.) p144, E7 Simply count the numbers. p145, E15 Direct application of Euler. p152, E7 F 9 - { 0 } is then a group of 8 elements. p169, E6 φ ( m ) = ( p - 1)( q - 1), so you know p + q = m + 1 - φ ( m ). p182, E1 You need to prove that the inverse of an element
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Unformatted text preview: a is an power of a (the group is finite, so for every a , a n = 1 for some n , hence the inverse of a is a n-1 ). So you can find the inverse in H as you can multiply two elements. p182, E4 [1], [7], [9], [15] p182, E5 Use p86 E8. 1...
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