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STAT 20: Lecture Section 2. Spring 2011 Homework #3 Hand in HW to your GSI at the START of Section on Thursday March 10th. Make sure to put your name, SID, section number, your GSI’s name and section time on the first page. Please staple all the pages together. You must show working or give an explanation to get full marks. This homework has eight Questions in total. 1. Text Page 153 Q2 2. Text Page 154 Q4 3. Text Page 176 Q4 4. Text Page 178 Q9 5. Text Page 199 Q5 6. Text Page 235 Q8. 7. Text Page 431 Q13
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Text page 431 Q 15 Do not leave completing your homework until the last minute. When seeking help please come with your attempt at the question. Do not present a blank page and simply ask “How do I do this question”. Homework is designed as a learning experience for you, making mistakes is part of that process (as long as you do not repeat the mistakes). Remember that any homework that you turn in should be your own work and not a collaborative effort....
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