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stat HW+1[1] - Frodo’s score in standard units was 1.5...

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STAT 20: Lecture Section 2. Spring 2011 Homework #1 Hand in HW to your GSI at the START of Section on Thursday Feb 10th. Make sure to put your name, SID, section number, your GSI’s name and section time on the first page. Please staple all the pages together. The work that you turn in must be your own. Work independently of others. This homework has 7 questions in total. 1. Text Page 24 Q2. 2. Text Page 26 Q7. ( Hint: See Exercise 11 on P 23 ) 3. Text Page 53 Q10. 4. Text Page 53 Q12. 5. Text Page 566 Q4. 6. Scores on a test ranged from 19 to 97. In standard units (z-scores) the range was -3.5 to 3 Sam got an average score, what was his score?
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Unformatted text preview: Frodo’s score in standard units was 1.5 What was Frodo’s score? 7. See the pdf file “Calculus Questions” for parts (a) to (d). ( These are in preparation for dealing with continuous variables) Marking Scheme for Homework. Each of the six homework assignments will be worth 24 points. In addition you will get 2 points for each homework that is turned in on time with all the correct information on the first page. So the maximum mark possible for six homeworks is 156. This will be divided by 12 to get a mark out of 13 points. See page 3 of the Reader for more information....
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