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affirmative non-communicable diseases - Madrid Global...

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Madrid Global Health’s Need to Raise Priority of Non-Communicable Disease Global Health focuses on treating and preventing diseases affecting people throughout the world. As global health has gained momentum throughout the years, the majority cause of global deaths has shifted from communicable diseases to non-communicable diseases. As medi- cine and understanding of the burden of disease progress, it is only natural for people to begin living longer to obtain these noncommunicable diseases as opposed to dying from communicable diseases; therefore, it is imperative that those at the forefront of global health make funding for noncommunicable diseases a priority. Many people believe global health should be focused on the medically neglected people of developing countries for whom noncommunicable diseases have not been an issue until recent years, “Over the past 30 years, cardiovascular disease has increased among low and middle in- come countries” (Yusuf). Many noncommunicable diseases stem from the same few risk factors including tobacco, physical inactivity, poor diet, and alcohol. These diseases are becoming more prevalent in developing countries because food is high in calories yet low in nutrients, and people are not educated on the importance of constant physical exercise or a smoke free lifestyle. Obesity is a growing problem greatly leading to noncommunicable diseases. Three million deaths each year can be attributed to diseases linked to obesity. “Since 1980, the rate of obesity worldwide has doubled” (Kaiser). The figures being presented are not numbers for high income countries, they are numbers worldwide; most of which the burden of disease is bared by develop-
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affirmative non-communicable diseases - Madrid Global...

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