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Gaming Paper 2 - Global Health Gaming Paper It is our goal...

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Global Health Gaming Paper It is our goal that throughout the video game, the player not only enjoys the gaming as- pect, but also gains knowledge as to the basic, underlying, and immediate determinants causing maternal and child malnutrition throughout developing countries. As the player is playing the game, there would be a global health question which the player would answer, then a mini-game who’s score would determine the difficulty of the obstacle encountered. Below are examples of determinants and how they would be incorporated into the game. Basic Cause: Lack of education for women in the community is stopping health interven - tions from reaching maximum efficiency? What should you do to make the interventions more helpful? After reading the question, the player would be presented with three choices: provide the community with RUTFs, impose price controls, or educate the community. Although providing the community with RUTFs or imposing price controls would help reduce malnutrition, the idea is to allow the player to understand that education is a basic cause of malnutrition and if fixed, could provide the community with sustainable health and make the other options more effective. After choosing an option, the player would then be told they were correct or they would be shown the more correct choice. Next, the player would be presented with a mini-game which for this specific topic would be a quiz on malnutrition. This quiz presents the idea that as they need to educate others about the importance of interventions, they themselves also have room to learn about maternal and child malnutrition. Depending on the score achieved on the quiz, the player would be presented with an obstacle; either gender inequality or hard to reach rural areas, which would then affect the overall health bar on the game.
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Fortunately, there are organization and programs currently in motion to help reduce the lack of education among women. One of these is Family Planning Programs. These programs al- low women to make a decision for themselves when and how many children they will have
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Gaming Paper 2 - Global Health Gaming Paper It is our goal...

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