Chinese 60W Abstract

Chinese 60W Abstract - eventually incorporated into Daoism...

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Lam Tran May 5, 2011 Chinese 60W Discussion 1B Research Paper Abstract Heaven worship is an idea of a divine immaterial presence that dominated Chinese thought and religion for thousands of years. The divine entity was known as Tian (which was arguably associated from Shangdi or Di , the Supreme God of worship during the Shang dynasty) and was a moral force that represented humanistic values and decency. It was accepted that those morally good would be rewarded and those unjust would be punished by heaven, such as death by lightening. Heaven worship eventually led to the “Mandate of Heaven,” a notion formulated by the Zhou dynasty to justify their act of overthrowing the Shang dynasty. The “Mandate of Heaven” was established to ensure the citizens of China a legitimate ruler through divine approval of the heavens. Each ruler had to possess great virtue through acts of righteousness and morality. Even though it predated that of the major religions in China, the idea of heaven worship was
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Unformatted text preview: eventually incorporated into Daoism and mainly, Confucianism. Heaven influence can be especially seen through the themes in the Confucian system, such as how people should act towards others and behaving with morality and benevolence. Aspects of influence could also be found in later dynasties, such as the Ming and Qing dynasties, as seen through the use of the notion of this idea of Mandate of Heaven in order to justify the successors to the throne. However, historical rebellions and revolt has challenged the authority of the Mandate of Heaven and what it stood for. In modern China, the Chinese government has digressed from the Mandate of Heaven and has incorporated their own system that deviates from the ancient set of beliefs. They were no longer establishing rulers for the benefit of the people, but rather, for their own selfish desires, and thus, left behind early Chinese views and worship of heaven....
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Chinese 60W Abstract - eventually incorporated into Daoism...

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